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    A full history of innovation

    We are a big family, with highly trained technical staff , who for 35 years has been dedicated to the manufacture , development and marketing of audio equipment in vehicles and professional systems in Venezuela .

    We are committed to innovation and excellence to offer our customers a product with the highest quality, attention to detail and offering the best user experience possible.

    We are pioneers in our market by being the first to implement wireless audio transmission technology (Bluetooth) and portable solutions with rechargeable battery with autonomy of 9 hours sound reinforcement systems .

    "Quality is never and accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort” John Ruskin

    Our philosophy

    It is to develop products following the most demanding quality standards in the industry, implement innovative technologies and offer solutions requiring the national and international market.

    Furthermore , we have philosophy of providing exceptional customer service, before and after the sale, including vocational training based on technical knowledge , it is equally essential part of the mission of the company.

    Technology and products

    All our products are manufactured under the control and improvement of SPSaudio. Our technicians, who are responsible for developing each parameter that make up a product are in constant interaction with factories to continually review their production methods and implement improvements immediately.

    Fabrica – Warehouse – Professional Speakers – Professional Audio – self-powered boxes – Vehicle Speakers – Accessories – Parts

    The products are subject to rigorous testing and controls. Each component is subjected to multiple evaluation processes before installation and then as part of the system as a whole, this, to ensure that meet or exceed specifications and offering long-term reliability, as overall consistency in each product.
    Due to the varied requirements of our customers, processes have been optimized for speed and efficiency, to meet our stringent quality standards, which enables the company to produce within days large orders of speakers and test before being shipped.

    Looking to the future

    In audio S.P.S we are proud of our achievements and constantly seek new ways to improve the audio experience for customers and the public. In fact, nothing excites us more than the new emerging technologies as well as discover new solutions to perennial problems and continually improve what we do.


    We are constantly working to develop new products, designed to meet the demands of our customers, we plan to be leaders of our national market offering a wide network of distributors nationally and internationally, with sales and support system and delivery. We provide warranty and immediate service of all our products.

    In the short term the market will launch a wide gamma of speakers with exclusive technologies in digital amplification, portability and audio transmission (Bluetooth). We will also introduce to the market a new line of components (speakers) high-performance, all designed to market the pro audio industry.