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    15 AUBT 1200

    • Sistema amplificado Multi-uso
    • Amplificador Clase H 1200w- 600 RMS
    • Procesador de audio DSP con 4 modos seleccionables
    • Conexión de bluetooth con alcance de 65 metros
    • 15″ de diámetro
    • Driver de compresión de 1″
    • Puerto de USB 
    • Control remoto
    •  Vaso para montar en trípode con doble



    The 12AUBT1200 speaker is one of the most powerful self-amplified plastic box systems on the market, allowing it to be used as a stage monitor in addition to its usual application as a compact P.A.

    Its 1200 W Class H amplifier provides a wide bandwidth, wide dynamic range and low distortion, uncommon in boxes of this segment.

    Users can select speaker settings, filters, EQ modes and gain control via a DSP audio processor, a unique command interface on the rear of the enclosure.

    TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology is the next step in the evolution of Bluetooth wireless speakers. Its technology makes it possible to pair two audio devices, connecting them and generating a stereo Bluetooth speaker sound system. In this way, the left and right channels are transmitted separately, obtaining a stereo sound and generating a surround sensation.

    Finish Material Polypropylene
    Wireless Audio Bluetooth 35 meters
    Audio Processor DSP processor and 4 modes can be selected
    Amplifier Class H
    Impedance 8 Ω
    AES Power 600 W
    Max Power 1200 W
    Frequency Response 45 Hz – 20 kHz
    Mic input XLR
    Maximum SPL (1% THD) 131 dB
    Coverage (Nominal -6 dB) H 90 °
    Coverage (Nominal -6 dB) V 60 °
    LF Transducer  (15 in) Woofer
    HF Transducer (1″) Driver
    Crossover Frequency 1600 Hz
    Minimum Impedance 8 Ω

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