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    SPS 10 PRO


    • Multi-Position PA System with Bluetooth and Battery Pack
    • 3″x4 Neodymium Full Range speakers
    • 10″ Woofer
    • Includes Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (up to 10 hours)
    • Stereo Bluetooth
    • Class D Amplifier
    • Maximum Power 500 watts
    • Multiple Positions: Floor, Table, Stand
    • Built-In Bluetooth Audio Receiver 
    • USB and SD card ports
    • 3-Channel Mixer
    • Two Combo XLR-1/4″ Inputs



    Audio professionals, musicians, DJs, and anyone looking for accurate sound reproduction will be thrilled with the SPS 10Pro Multi-Position PA System with Bluetooth and Battery Pack, an all-in-one portable PA system that can be used in a variety of ways including a floor monitor, practice amplifier, Bluetooth speaker, or a full PA setup.


    The full-featured, 3-channel mixer with reverb offers two combo XLR-1/4″ inputs, a 3.5mm stereo input, and Bluetooth for streaming audio from up to 30′ away.The included battery pack allows you to power-up and play your SPS 10Pro system for up to 10 hours at high-output levels. This lithium-ion battery installs easily into the dedicated compartment on your SPS  10Pro for secure and reliable use. It has a Bluetooth Stereo system with which you can pair 2 speakers wirelessly. It is lightweight, durable and easy to carry.




    Satellite 3“x4 Neodymium Full range Speaker
    Woofer 10″x 1.5“ VC
    Amplifier Class D, DSP processor
    Max Power 500W
    Mac SPL 123 dB (Peak)
    Inputs USB/ SD card
    battery Lithium-ion battery (up to 10 hours)
    Bluetooth Range 35mts
    Ports 1/8“ TRS, 1/4“ TRS
    Processor DPS processor, Reverb, Stereo bluetooth

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